Partnering with MedOne

Partnering with MedOne

Our partners tell us that working with us is truly unique. They say we defy expectations with the depth of our commitment. We invite you to learn what it’s like to work with MedOne in hospital medicine or post-acute care.

What makes us different

We’re more than a partner.

We defy the expectations of traditional partnerships by embedding ourselves in your team, owning your goals with equal determination and aligning our program to your unique needs.

We say 'yes' to every challenge.

We invest the time and resources to remove barriers and engineer unmatched solutions to elevate patient care and experience.

We don’t believe in handoffs.

We function as a seamless team to safely move patients through the continuum of care and reduce errors common in care transitions.

We empower all team members.

We actively seek the perspectives and expertise of others to improve processes and structures so we can all do our best work.

What our partners say

Tell us about your needs

Our approach to building programs is highly customized. Unlike other providers, we develop our services based on what each partner needs. We’d love to hear more about the opportunities you see and the challenges you face and talk about how MedOne Healthcare Partners can help.

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