MedOne Hospital Physicians in Columbus, OH

MedOne Hospital Physicians is a team of clinicians dedicated to providing the highest quality care in the most efficient manner for our patients. Founded in 2000, we have grown to be the largest physician practice exclusively dedicated to Hospital Medicine in Central Ohio. We have been successful because of the quality of our people and because of our focus on service and excellence in patient care.

Meet The Team

Our Patients

MedOne is a practice of board-certified hospital medicine physicians and advanced-practiced clinicians who have focused their practices on caring for patients during their stay in a hospital or post acute environment.

Our Services

MedOne Hospital Physicians provides comprehensive, high value care for patients in and around their hospitalizations. From our acute hospitalist programs, to our post-acute practice centered around skilled nursing, long-term care, and assisted living facilities, to our preadmission testing clinic, MedOne is an expert in managing patients through this entire continuum of care. With MedOne Staffing Solutions, we can also design customized solutions to work alongside and optimize your current programs.

For Our Services

Innovation at MedOne

From the very beginning, Innovation has been a part of the collective MedOne DNA. With a specialized focus on process improvement and high quality clinical care, MedOne has become the market leader in Hospital Medicine in Central Ohio.

  • The Comprehensive Medical Unit (Launched 2016)

  • Clinical-Process Design & System Engineering

  • Population Health Management - Extensivist

  • Custom-Designed Practice Management Tools

  • Post-Acute Care Network

  • MedOne Staffing Solutions


The Vision We Share

At MedOne our goal has always been to be the premier provider of Hospital Medicine Services. Teamwork, fairness,
innovation, and process focus are all important contributors to our culture which is centered around patient and provider experience. As the healthcare landscape rapidly evolves, Population Health, Post-Acute Care and Provider Staffing Solutions, have all become important parts of our organizational ethos.

Our combined experience as the largest and oldest exclusive Hospital Medicine practice in Central Ohio.

MedOne: Healing Patients. Serving Physicians. Streamlining Hospitals.

Located in Central Ohio

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