Meet The Team

All physicians specialize in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine and are Board Certified / Board Eligible.

Jane Anosike, PA

Beth Boggs, CNP

Christopher Branham, PA

LaTanya M. Butler, CNP

Kathryn J. Caldwell, PA

Andrea Claytor, PA

Suzanne E. Decker, CNP

Melissa D. Deaton, CNP

Grant Dula, PA

Jamie M. Feeman, CNP

Benjamin Flaherty, PA

Abigail Flores, PA

Dareth Fowler, CNP

Blythe N. Gresser, CNP
Assistant Director, Advanced Practice Clinicians

Jessica Giannotti, PA

Taylor Ginaven, CNP

Charliegh J. Haas, CNP

Laura Harsch, PA

Mariah Hashbarger, PA

Emily L. Hatfield, PA

Mara Hlabse, CNP

Kayla Hood, PA

Laura L. Jones, CNP

Kevin J. Kuisel, CNP

Julia M. Kurz, CNP

Cindy Liu, PA

Michael S. Mann, CNP

Mollie J. Mason, CNP

Stephanie Matura, PA

Amy M. Meade, CNP

Nicole M. Miller, PA

Alison Nash, PA

Catherine Nelson, PA

Purvi K. Patel, CNP

Natalie Pinney, PA

Megan Polonsky, PA

Megan S. Pratt, CNP

Brian K. Pulliam, CNP

Stacey M. Riethman, PA

Jody Roach, CNP

Kelly M. Robertshaw, PA

Karen S. Rose, CNP

Meghan M. Routt, CNP

Alexandria N. Ruff, CNP

Rochelle Rutter, CNP

Amanda J. Sealock, CNP

Cortney M. Seymour, CNP

William S. Sherry, DNP

Rick A. Stephenson, PA

Haley Townsend, CNP

Michelle M. Wende, CNP
Director, Advanced Practice Clinicians

Bret J. L. Wiegman, CNP

Michelle Writesel, CNP