Let’s solve the right problems, together.

It’s not about the next big thing—it’s about finding the right solution to the right problem. That’s why we design customized solutions based on your expressed needs and partner with you to achieve our shared goals.

How we do it

Our partners tell us that working with us is truly unique. They say we defy expectations with the depth our commitment.

  1. We start with listening to understand your goals, challenges, priorities, and critical data to inform solutions. 

  2. We tailor our program to meet your needs, outlining solutions to address your unique challenges and achieve our shared goals.

  3. We partner with your team to streamline processes and gain efficiencies to fuel your organization’s success via at-risk metrics.

What our partners say

What we do

Hospital Medicine
Post-Acute Care Physical
Medicine & Rehabilitation
Wound Care
Sleep Services
Pre-Admission Testing

$10.7 million

The CDI return on investment in our first year of taking over the hospital medicine contract at Genesis Hospital. The average revenue increase per case over the 12-month period was $1,658.35.


Number of low-acuity patients we avoided admitting to Riverside Methodist Hospital in the first quarter of FY24 (91 days).


MedOne’s Comprehensive Medical Unit (CMU) had a variable cost per case $974 lower than our counterpart’s CMU in a 12-month period, which resulted in $1.37 million in savings for Riverside Methodist Hospital.


The percentage of high-risk sepsis patients who scheduled a follow-up visit in our Acute Care Clinic at Genesis Hospital within 3 days of discharge, during FY23 Q2-Q4.


The number of follow-up phone calls completed within 7 days of discharge for our patients discharged home from Memorial Hospital in CY23.

25.55 hours

The mean length of stay for patients in our Observation Unit at Genesis Hospital in FY23 (target: 28.0 hours or less).

What makes us different

We’re more than a partner.

We defy the expectations of traditional partnerships by embedding ourselves in your team, owning your goals with equal determination and aligning our program to your unique needs.

We say yes to every challenge.

We invest the time and resources to remove barriers and engineer unmatched solutions to elevate patient care and experience.

We don’t believe in handoffs.

We function as a seamless team to safely move patients through the continuum of care and reduce errors common in care transitions.

We empower all team members.

We actively seek the perspectives and expertise of others to improve processes and structures so we can all do our best work.

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