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MedOne physicians are expert at improving the quality of your care while hospitalized and reducing the amount of time you have to spend in the hospital.

Our providers are in the hospital 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, and at the time of your admission your family doctor is notified of your visit, and at the time of discharge we provide your family doctor with everything needed to resume management of your care - safely and efficiently.


Acute Care

MedOne Hospital Physicians has extensive experience in providing 24/7 hospital medicine programs at acute care hospitals in Central Ohio, from tertiary care centers to smaller community hospitals. We work collaboratively with our hospital partners in aligning ourselves to their goals. MedOne drives high value care that benefits patients and hospitals and their associates.

Post-Acute Care

Post-acute care is rapidly expanding as the healthcare market continues to focus on value and cost. Connecting patient information and communication from the acute care (hospital) to the post-acute care environment (Long-Term Acute Care Hospital, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility or Skilled Nursing Facility) is becoming increasingly important. Hospital Medicine Physicians are now more accountable for the transition of care and discharging patients to the most appropriate post-acute environments. Our MedOne post-acute care team specializes in the transitional care of patients being discharged from the hospital.

Assisted Living

MedOne has two dedicated teams, one in Ohio and one in Florida to provide both Physician and Nurse Practitioner coverage within assisted living facilities. We want to be part of your preferred medical team in order to work alongside YOU as the resident, family and facility staff to provide exceptional clinical care in your home. Our team is dedicated to provide excellent customer service, offer a prompt response to phone calls and visit requests, routine presence in the facility and quick turnaround with a care plan.

Pre-Admission Testing

With one of Central Ohio’s longest running pre-admission testing programs, MedOne Hospital Physicians is experienced in utilizing evidenced based medicine and national best practices to provide timely pre-operative risk assessments, minimizing surgical cancellation rates and optimizing patient outcomes.

Provider Staffing Solutions

MedOne Hospital Physicians also works side by side with existing hospital medicine programs to optimize their performance. MedOne Staffing Solutions will bring providers with the same expertise and attention to quality and value that we do to our own hospital medicine programs.

Hospital Medicine Consulting

With our expertise in systems engineering and lean thinking, MedOne Hospital Physicians has expertise in creating high performing hospitalist programs and units. In the Comprehensive Medical Unit (CMU) at Riverside Methodist Hospital, we were able to increase nursing and HCAHPS scores to the 99th percentile, while decreasing length of stay, moving discharge times to several hours earlier in the day, and decreasing readmissions. Our Hospital Medicine Consulting services can provide a thorough assessment of your current state and provide guidance towards improving your hospitalist programs’ performance.

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We strive to be the provider of choice and the market leader in Central Ohio!

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